Approach and Project Descriptions

Architectural Mosaics & Public Art

My approach to creating public art is anchored in a researched based understanding of, and appreciation for, the public who will experience the work and the environment in which it will reside. When designing large-scale architectural works my priority is to relate to those who will be living with the artwork on a daily basis. In business I liken this to seeing the work “through the customers’ eyes.” The artwork succeeds if it is meaningful, impactful, and relevant to those who will interact with it most often.

I design and create one of a kind architectural mosaics and public art works. Each project is site specific and works include a wide variety of mosaic surface enhancements and 3-dimensional artwork for municipal, residential, commercial and educational spaces. My Maverick Legacy Program has placed six large-scale student created public art works in local area schools. I train teen-age student apprentices from the Northern Virginia Area in the design and fabrication process and often employ them along with other local artisans. I have extensive experience working in collaboration with architects, landscape designers, civic groups, and numerous other stakeholders.

Select Public Projects

Mellow Mushroom Restaurant, Richmond, VA, 2017
5 foot diameter Tempered Glass Mandela is the lobby centerpiece. Tempered glass over a bold color palette, mylar and more, makes for a beautiful composition Kismet recycled glass tiles and stained glass create the strong outlines. Custom clay bas-relief sculptures designed for rest room doors. These unique sculptural figures are mounted on colored concrete substrates. This installation site is one of the most unique and out of the box designs Fitzgerald has contributed to.

Drew Model School, Arlington, VA 2016
Funded privately this 110 square foot series of stained glass mosaic depicts iconic art images, from cave paintings, to DiVinci, Vermeer, Picasso, O’Keefe, Matisse, Jacob Lawrence and more. 13 individual artworks. Part of an “Art Garden” the mosaics will be used as a teaching tool students. Located in a central courtyard the art works are visible from all sides at all times form inside the school. Although based on iconic art images the design concept, fabrication and installation completed exclusively by Fitzgerald and her team.

Palmer Park Community Center, Landover, MD, 2015
Awarded regional “Call to Artists” to design, fabricate, and install a glass art or mosaic work of art that will become a landmark for the Palmer Park Community. A series of 7 panels depicting activities at the center, 125 sq. ft. of stylized and bold, stained glass mosaic. Installation received Mosaic Arts International site specific award, jurors choice, 2017 in recognition of its unique design and challenging installation.

Saint John Paul II National Shrine, Catholic University, Washington, DC, 2013-2014
Commissioned by Design and Production Inc. to design and fabricate two mosaic artworks for this new museum: a Marian Cross created in 24kt gold, and a one of a kind designed glass and ceramic wall called “Mysteries of Light”, 350 sq. ft. mosaic backdrop. Other mosaic artwork at the Shrine created in collaboration with the Vatican Mosaic Studio.

Fort Bernard Park Playground, Arlington, VA, 2014
A kid friendly and lively design to adorn the playground pavilion. Working closely with Landscape Designer, builder and Parks and Recreation we salute children’s imagination. 150 sq. ft., six individual columns each with a different theme. High fire ceramic. Work in progress. Installation scheduled spring 2014.

Homewood Suites Hotel, Springfield, VA, 2012
Commissioned by WPM Construction, Merrillville, IN to design and fabricate a large exterior public artwork for a new Homewood Suites Hotel in Springfield, VA. Fitzgerald collaborated with the County Commissioner’s office and local Art Guild representatives to create a dynamic design blending new architecture while complimenting the surrounding environment. The design incorporates symbols of the hospitality industry (pineapple, room key, etc.) and the state of Virginia (state flower, bird, etc.).

Rockville City Hall, Rockville, MD, 2010
Through a national Call for Entries the Spirit of Discovery public art project was commissioned to commemorate the City of Rockville, Maryland’s 150th anniversary. The installation consists of two separate works of art that relate to each other: a 170 square foot multi-layered mosaic of a spinning nebula and a sculpture of a young girl looking at the nebula through a telescope. The sculpture stands 8 feet tall. Both works are dimensional and their surfaces covered in glass mosaic. Design and fabrication by Maverick Mosaics artist team of Bonnie Fitzgerald and Ali Mirsky. Installation was juried into Mosaics Arts International Exhibition, Lexington, Kentucky 2012.

University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC, 2009
Services retained to completely fabricate staircase mosaic for the main campus atrium entrance of the University in a stylized adaptation of the school logo. Approximately 97 square feet of mosaic created on 36 individual stair risers.

Rockville Town Square, Rockville, MD, 2006
Fitzgerald’s fountain is designed as a stylized trout stream and features three bas-relief “spouting fish.” The spouting fish cascade water into a basin below where 100 fiber optic lights illuminate the fountain at night. The project completed on time and within budget and premiered at the Square’s “Grand Opening.”

Whole Foods Market, Alexandria, VA, 2006
On behalf of the City of Alexandria, Virginia, Whole Foods Market, Inc. commissioned Fitzgerald to design a mural for the exterior of their Duke Street store. Fitzgerald designed, fabricated and installed “Shenandoah Fields,” a 60 square foot mural that portrays the pastoral beauty of Virginia’s countryside.

Whole Foods Market, Fairfax, VA, 2007
Whole Foods Market commissioned Fitzgerald to create a candy counter design for a new store in Fairfax, Virginia. The 20 square foot curved mosaic candy counter makes quite a statement. Served as a consultant to Whole Foods’ display department in choosing and finishing several other tile installations while the store was under construction. Art work juried into Mosaics Arts International Exhibition, Chicago, IL 2008.

PandaMania, Washington, DC, 2004
150 “PandaMania” Panda sculptures graced the streets of our nation’s Capital in 2004. “Ling Ling in the Sky with Diamonds” was selected by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities to participate in this public artwork project. In just one month, over 140 man/woman hours, nearly 7,300 rhinestones 18 square feet of hand cut glass tiles and over 20 sets of volunteer hands of all ages created a unique Rhinestone Diva.

Maverick Mosaics Legacy Program

Fitzgerald created and designed the Maverick Mosaics Legacy Program for public schools to educate and promote appreciation of community and public art to the “next generation.” These large-scale “legacy” works are permanent installations created by the current student body and presented as “gifts” to future students. Each program begins with collaboration among significant numbers of community representatives, children, teachers, parents and civic leaders.

  • Hunters Woods Elementary School, Reston, VA, 2009 “Tree of Life” mosaic, 90 square feet of colorful mosaic in high fire ceramic. 100+ children made hand-built ceramic leaves and along with Fitzgerald will fabricate three large trees.
  • Claremont Immersion School, Alexandria, VA, 2015 Bas-relief mosaic sculpture, 60 square feet saluting the school’s international diversity. Participation with 100+ 5th grade students.
  • Centerville Elementary School, Centerville, VA, 2012 Bas-relief sculpture, approximately 7 sq. ft., “Baldy the Eagle” based on school mascot.
  • Churchill Road Elementary School, McLean, VA, 2011 5 mosaic panels depicting the life cycle of the butterfly, 16 square feet. Second graders made individual life cycle interpretations in ceramic, which were then incorporated into a mosaic mural designed and fabricated by Fitzgerald.
  • Marshall Road Elementary School, Vienna, VA, 2011 45 square foot mural commemorating the school’s 50th anniversary. Every one of the 900+ students made a small ceramic tile that was incorporated into a large mosaic.
  • Auburn School, Herndon, VA, 2010-2012 3 mosaic murals based on school logo, 12 square feet. Worked with 40+ students, all ages, school specialty is educating children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School, Reston, VA, 2010 8 mosaic panels “If I were an Animal”, 60 square feet. Worked with children to create 200+ handmade ceramic bas-relief tiles used to fabricate the artwork.
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School, Reston, VA, 2009 165 square foot colorful mosaic in high fire ceramic based on a student’s artwork. The mosaic is located at the school main entrance and serves as a happy and welcoming work of art. All work completed on time and within extremely tight budget. Fitzgerald